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None For The Road

The Bruins are left with much to think about as they return home

That's an interesting look...
That's an interesting look...
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Sharks, Ducks, and Kings waved goodbye to the Bruins, who waved goodbye to any possible points along with the lead in the Atlantic Division.

  • Kirk Luedeke pulls no punches in this long debriefing of the Bruins' road trip, and offers an opinion as to what the team needs to address.[ScoutingPost]

  • In case you couldn't stay awake, here are five quick bullet points from Saturday's loss to the Kings.[WEEI]

  • In case you missed the Ducks game, here's a recap. Bonus: Numbers don't lie, the Bruins are far and away the butt end of some bad joke as far as penalty calls are concerned.[Hockeybuzz]

  • The good news from this weekend came from the Providence Bruins, who came up with three wins.[ProvidenceJournal ]

  • Sacrilege! Did Ray Bourque's career eclipse that of Bobby Orr?[SportsIllustrated]

Elsewhere around the rink:

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