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PUBLIC SKATE: Bruins vs. Panthers, 1st period

Dank memes, cat allergies, one of the best names in the league, and Roberto Luongo tweets.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers recently did something that turned my attention to the poorly laid-out update of the NHL app: Kevin Spacey appeared at the BB&T Canter sporting the "Spacey in Space" sweatshirt. It combined memes, Kevin Spacey, and an unbelievable amount of breaking the "fourth wall"- some of my favourite things. And I hate them for it.

Tonight, the Bruins aim to recover from a four-game losing streak in a crucial game with a team atop the division. Aside from the worry of losing stance as third in the division looms over the Bruins' heads, Patrice Bergeron is proving that he is a god among men, even though the squad has dropped four straight games.

Frank Vatrano has also come back to the Bruins with his AHL scoring juju and making management *Don Corleone voice* "an offer they can't refuse."

Apparently, Tuukka was ill for last night's game and was pulled due to that reason. Tonight, he remains a gametime decision.

Also, there has been a recent addition to the list of my favourite NHL names of all time. It used to be comprised of names like Koekkoek and Clutterbuck, but now there is a name that touches my frat girl soul:

I'm weeping tears of Natty Light.

Because I'm allergic to cats and am already sneezing, I'm going to take some non-drowsy Benadryl and get out my lint rollers. Though I'm pretty sure the watery eyes are from the memory of last night's thrashing by the Rangers.

To conclude, why not end with the most recent tweet from Florida goalie and part-time NHL troll Roberto Luongo that asks the #real #questions?

Think about it.

ETA (18:41 EST): LINES! (Popcorn squad is Morrow, Randell, Trotman, and Ferraro)