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Public Skate: 3rd Period - Bruins 2 Maple Leafs 1

Boston scores twice in the 2nd Period to take the lead after 40 minutes. Hold on for the points, boys!

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins scored multiple goals, in the same period! It's an Easter miracle. And while their offensive prowess seems to have been resurrected, there's still 20 minutes to play.

Boston holds a lead in goals shots, leading 2-1 and 20-16 respectively. Zone time in the 2nd Period was heavily favoring the Bruins, with all four lines contributing to scoring chances. This is the exact opposite of what we saw in the 1st.

Patrice Bergeron got the scoring going when he tied the game on the powerplay with the help of a screen-machine Matt Beleskey. Zdeno Chara put the team ahead with a big pinch, and a swift backhand to beat Bernier. The Bruins continued to own possession for much of the 2nd period, so here's hoping that pressure doesn't let up into the 3rd period.