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Yale defenseman Rob O'Gara soon to be signed to the Boston Bruins

More youth on the blueline from the NCAA coming to the Bruins system.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

As the Frozen Four comes closer, more and more junior/senior prospects from the NCAA's unlucky teams that have been knocked out of the tournament begin signing with the teams that drafted them.

One such player is Yale senior Rob O'Gara.

O'Gara has played all four years at Yale, and hasn't necessarily been lighting the rich kids league ECAC up, but that isn't necessarily his job. His job is to defend, and apparently he's done his job admirably. It's tragic that it had to end in Dartmouth knocking his college career to the curb, but he's moving on to bigger and better things as a Boston Bruin!

Here are his stats from his time at Yale:

Between him, Carlo, Zboril, and Gryzlyck, there's a lot to look forward to here on the Boston Blueline in the future.