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Zdeno Chara reads My Little Pony, and other fun World Book Day revelations

Cam Neely reads at a second grade level: confirmed

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Happy World Book Day! The Bruins announced a pretty neat reading program for schools today to celebrate, called Battle of the Books. It's cool and everything - reading is fun, etc - but the best part is definitely the book list where the Bruins declare what their favorite books are.


  • Kevan Miller is an Animorphs fan. Same, Kevan, same.
  • Patrice Bergeron going with a heavy WWII memoir while Brad Marchand goes with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually perfectly describes them as human beings
  • Zdeno Chara choosing Col. Hadfield's book about life on the space station but also My Little Pony: when you're a polymath that speaks seven languages and is tall enough to see into space but you also have a small child - a life.
  • Cam Neely choosing Shel Silverstein is delightful but also i'm concerned that our team president did not recommend any books at an adult reading level
In all seriousness this is pretty awesome, although I think their young adult hockey books section could stand to be filled out a bit. Eleven Seconds is a great read, as is The Boys of Winter - that second one especially, if you want to feel ALL THE FEELS about the 1980 Olympic team and have worn out your DVD of Miracle, is a really good option.

What do you think about the Bruins' favorite book selections? Do you have a favorite hockey book that you'd love to add to this list?