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Amalie Benjamin leaving Boston Globe for's Flortheast beat

We feel the same, Carl. Same.
We feel the same, Carl. Same.
Harry How/Getty Images

Today on twitter, our favorite Boston Globe Bruins beat writer Amalie Benjamin dropped a bomb on twitter: She's leaving the Globe after 12 years to work for

It's not all bad, though. She'll be in Boston still!

And a little thanks spread around:

Her last day at the Globe is Monday. Which is a shame for the Globe and for us, as Amalie has been one of the better beats since arriving in our little corner of sports.

Congratulations, Amalie!

Now, as for who's taking over beat duties at the Globe? It's a throwback and a half: Kevin Paul Dupont.

Yeah, that one. The guy who's been around the block, then around again, got lost, had to ask for directions at a starbucks - but not without grumbling about prices - and went around the block again. He's technically in the Hall of Fame on the writers wall. What'd he have to say about it? Something salty, of course:

Whatta guy.

Again, congratulations to Amalie Benjamin from all of us here at Stanley Cup of Chowder.