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Dennis Seidenberg Is Not Going On The Road Trip

Joe Morrow or Zach Trotman's likely to slot in for the Bruins veteran DMan for the last two regular-season road games.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Via the Bruins official twitter:

Needless to say, Dennis Seidenberg's nicks being serious enough to keep him out of the games against the St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks means a bit of a shake-up. Practice today (Thursday, March 31st) had the following set-up:

There's no official word beyond this if this means more of Joe Morrow or Zach Trotman, but Morrow's been the favored band-aid of the late. The Bruins, at the time of this post, had not made any defensive call-ups.

Who do you like for the pairings with Seids out? How do you think Claude actually sets 'em up?