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Watch Habs fans sell their souls for a free Big Mac

"I HATE ZDENO CHARA...unless there's a free burger involved."


It's been a rough season for Habs fans. Things started off with the Canadiens winning the annual October Stanley Cup. They pummeled the Bruins in the Winter Classic.

And then they fell off a cliff, and it's been great.

In light of the season they're having, it seems cruel for McDonald's to mess with them like this. But like Michel Therrien publicly ripping his best player, it's fun to watch.

Habs Eyes on the Prize found this gem earlier today:

Such weakness. These are the same fans who ruthlessly boo Zdeno Chara every time he touches the puck. They called the police to demand that he be arrested after his hit on Max Pacioretty. The HATE THE BRUINS...

...unless they can get a free burger, of course.

Other things Habs fans would do to sell out their fandom include:

  • Wear a Leafs jersey for a free bowl of poutine
  • Change their team name to the Montreal Nordiques for a pretzel
  • Trade PK Subban for a free small coffee and a day-old pastry at Tim Horton's

Ah, Habs fans. They are a fiercely loyal bunch, unless processed meat gets in the way.

This is another great commercial from McDonald's, the first being Max Pacioretty's trolling of Bruins fans last year.

Now, the big question: If you had to give your least-favorite Hab a hug, what delicious fast food item would you expect in return?

Not going to lie, I'd give Brendan Gallagher a hug if it got me a free 4-piece spicy nuggets at Wendy's. I'm easy to please.

s/t to Marc and Habs Eyes on the Prize for the initial post.