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Bruins release new season ticket information, effectively kill scalper tickets

The Bruins do a huge favor to those of us outside the garden trying to come in, and to the most committed of fans.

The Bruins just announced their season ticket program's direction for the 2016-2017 year and it's great. Starting off, for those who ARE season ticket holders, good news! Your prices aren't going up!

Season Ticket Holders are now able to renew their Season Tickets for the 2016-2017 NHL Season. All current Season Ticket Holders who own tickets for personal use will see no increase in price for next season

FUN TIMES! But why did this come about? How did the season ticket holders who usually get the shaft on these kinds of renewals manage to come out on top?

By completely avoiding season ticket holders who just show up to the games, and taxing the bastard scalpers back into the stone age, that's how!

Through a process of data analysis, the Bruins have identified accounts that are held by high-volume re-sellers. In addition to the new ticket prices, accounts held by high-volume re-sellers based outside of New England, Connecticut and New York state have been cancelled and the Bruins will make those tickets available to New England-based fans who are currently on the Bruins Season Ticket Holder wait list – which began in 2011 and currently consists of over 10,000 fans.

This is huge. Many fans who have otherwise been completely screwed by the intervention of scalped tickets now have a chance to be rewarded for their patience. On top of that, it further discourages scalpers by skyrocketing the price for these high re-sellers.

One can only assume Jeremy Jacobs' heart grew three sizes today, but this is fantastic news for the most passionate of fans.