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Peter Cehlarik finishes game after getting 15 stitches in neck last night

Bruins prospect playing for Lulea "millimeters from tragedy"

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Last night in Sweden, Bruins prospect Peter Cehlarik had a close cut - literally. Per a report in Aftonbladet, he found himself a little too close to the business end of a skate. Lennart Petrell, an Edmonton Oilers prospect, laid a hit on an opponent, who twisted awkwardly. The opponent's skate came up and nicked Cehlarik, right across the throat.

Cehlarik didn't first notice how bad it was, but after seeing the towel he'd pressed against his neck, and having 15 stiches in his neck, he realized how bad it really was.

Peter Cehlarik came back to finish the game. Here's a picture of the aftermath, taken from Aftonbladet. It's not the nicest picture you'll see all day.

From AftonBladet

As mentioned before, he returned to the game. This could have been a lot worse. For now, he'll have a nice nasty scar. We wish him the best in his recovery.