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Report: Ray Bourque Hired as New Boston Globe Columnist

New weekly series "Which Tresca Dish is this Bruin?" to run starting in this week's Boston Sunday Globe.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

BOSTON, MAWith the announcement on Thursday that Amalie Benjamin will be departing the premier Boston newspaper, the Boston Globe followed up on Friday morning to announce their next beat writer stationed on Morrissey Boulevard: Raymond J. Bourque.

The Bruins' all-time leader in Games Played and Points will now have a weekly feature in regards to the Black & Gold franchise he gave so much of his life to. Bourque's colleagues already have praised the Globe higher-ups for the move. "We're already declaring July 7th Ray Bourque Day in the office." said Senior Sports Editor Joe Sullivan. "It's a Thursday in July, so only Dan [Shaughnessy] will be here, alone, in a dark corner, but the sentiment is there."

The Globe's press release also gave light to Bourque's weekly column, which will compare the current Bruins roster to dishes at Tresca, a restaurant in the North End of which Ray is the owner. Stanley Cup of Chowder was given the following excerpts of Bourque's future column, and the below snippets are published with consent from the Boston Globe.

Look out for Number 77's first column this weekend!