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Even Mike Milbury think the rumors of him coaching the Bruins are "Total B.S."

Breathe, Bruins fans.

Glenn Cratty/Getty Images

Certain members of the Bruins press have been spreading around this notion that Mike Milbury had indicated to the Bruins that he's chomping at the bit for a chance at Claude Julien's job. Uncle Bob McKenzie asked him about it, and, well...

We can all breathe a little easier, I think. Even if the old soldiers in the Bruins media are telling us he's on the way out by sharpening their knives. Dan Shaughnessy, famous for being a loud moron, has written about how it's time for Claude to go. But Dan is not known for his knowledge or nuanced understanding or even un-nuanced understanding, so I'm going to ignore him for now.

We're all in this together.