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Brad Marchand will play for Team Canada in the IIHF World Championships

Brad Marchand, Team Canada. What a world.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

According to Bruins media day, Brad Marchand will play for Canada in the upcoming IIHF World Championship tournament in Russia. Pretty exciting news for Brad, who gets a chance to represent his country on the national stage.

He's certainly earned it with the amazing year he's had: 37 goals (up 13 from last year), 24 assists (up 6 from last year), 61 points (up 19 from last year), and only 90 penalty minutes (down 5 from last year).

Congratulations on the nod, Brad. Here's hoping you don't win.

The players currently named to Canada's roster can be viewed on the Hockey Canada website.

Edit: This piece originally mentioned the World Cup of Hockey. Marchand has actually been named to the IIHF World roster. He's still in contention for a spot at the WCOH this fall.