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Tee Time

Lift a cuppa to the 2015-16 Bruins and have a crumpet

Perennial Selke Trophy candidate Patrice Bergeron
Perennial Selke Trophy candidate Patrice Bergeron
Elsa/Getty Images

No hockey for you, Bruins fans!

  • If you have any appetite for it, here are five observations from Saturday's loss to the Senators. FORE![WEEI]

  • In the end, Claude Julien simply could not make a silk purse from the sow's ear.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • But no worries, Claude, if you were to become available, it is likely the Senators would come calling.[OttawaSun]

  • To be fair, previous management made moves that hamstrung Don Sweeney as well. Now, in hindsight, take a bittersweet look at the Bruins' remaining core and the season that was with Kirk Luedeke...[Scouting Post]...and lend him your ears for a podcast. (Audio, 52:19)[ScoutingPost]

  • The Bruins needed to either develop their young talent or make the playoffs, and ultimately accomplished neither.[WEEI]

  • The Atlantic division was decidedly weak, and this Bruins team still could not crack into the playoffs.[WorcesterTelegram&Gazette]

  • Don Sweeney needs to take a hard look at his roster, cut his losses on some players, and look ahead toward a few of these free agents.[WEEI]

  • And the Bruins may need to move a key player... or two. (Google translation from Swedish)[Svenskafans]

  • Cheer up, at least the Providence Bruins will be playing for the Calder Cup![ProvidenceJournal]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Distract yourself with these three iconic hockey cartoons. (With video)[TheHockeyNews]

  • The teams appearing on players' no trade lists are increasingly the Canadian ones. Here's why.[NationalPost]

  • Who can blame him for wanting to go home? But we will all be sorry to see Pavel Datsyuk leave.[LastWordOnSports]

  • And number-one-Kazakh-goalie Anton Khudobin will also be headed back to play for the KHL.[InGoal]

  • InGoal crunches the numbers on Vezina candidates, and most of the ususal suspects are in the lineup.[InGoal]

  • The owner of the proposed new NHL Las Vegas franchise has certainly charmed the local media. Honeymoon period![SinBin.Vegas]

  • Meet the face of Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition- he's a good Canadian boy and also an Oilers fan, thanks to his three sisters.[Macleans]

  • If you can bear to watch, the NHL has partnered with Showtime for a behind-the-scenes series on the Stanley Cup Playoff teams.[PuckDaddy]

  • Who deserves the Selke Trophy? One Bruin and one former Bruin are in the mix! [LastWordOnSports]

  • University of Regina engineering students have designed a clever tool to help players who must practice solo. (With video)[CBC]