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Decision Time

Well, come on and let me know- should I stay or should I go?

No worries, the Chief is a keeper. Johnny Bucyk
No worries, the Chief is a keeper. Johnny Bucyk
Elsa/Getty Images

Big decisions surrounding personnel will hover over TD Garden for the foreseeable future.

  • Try not to read too much into it, but the usual Bruins breakup day order of ceremonies has been altered...[WEEI]

  • Maybe it was to allow so many Bruins players to make their appointments with their doctors and therapists. A bunch of players were pretty banged up- here are the details.[ScoutingPost]

  • Blunt and to the point, here's the bare-bones list of the current roster situation, and the likely future of each player.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Look at the Bruins' present defense from one former opponent's historical view, and you can understand how Jonas Gustavsson might be a bit disappointed in his view from the Bruins' net this season.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Dear Charlie, Cam, and Don- don't shoot yourselves in the feet, here. Would you rather play with Claude Julien or against him?[Hockeybuzz]

  • Cheer up, at least we have Danton Heinen now, that under-the-radar find by the Bruins' college scouts. Bonus: There's a link to an assessment Kirk Luedeke made of Heinen this past August.[ScoutingPost]

  • Mere mortal beer leaguers try playing with a Zdeno Chara custom stick, hilarity ensues. The stick height, shaft girth, and flex are all supersize! (Video, 4:28)[YouTube,viaReddit]

  • Number four on the list, number one in our hearts... The NHL has released the list of top-selling player jerseys.[@PR_NHL]

  • Big Papi to Bobby Orr- Don't quit your day job? Red Sox fans are treated to an opening day ceremonial first pitch from a hockey legend.[BarDown]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Stan Fischler eulogizes the Flyers' visionary founder, Ed Snider.[TheHockeyNews]

  • Got rumors? Malcolm Subban 's brother Parnell Karl and Claude Julien's names just keep coming up. The former has an interesting contract clause kicking in on July 1 of this year.[TheHockeyNews]

  • Ottawa has fired head coach Dave Cameron and two assistant coaches. The plot thickens![TSN]

  • Ride along with longtime Coyote Keith Yandle as he reminisces about taking the ice as a Ranger, and how the team arranged a spectacular welcoming shuttle from the airport to Manhattan.[PlayersTribune]

  • David Gunnarsson of Daveart is the self-taught Swedish savant of goalie mask decoration. Even his competitors acknowledge his mastery.[TheWallStreetJournal]

  • One infographic, the entire history of the NHL- and you can sort by team![HockeyOnStats]