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Bruins Coach/GM Press Conference Recap

Claude stays, (another) Doug goes, Patience with the youth, and more!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins had their postseason wrapup presser today at 10am, and here's some highlights from the conference.

From Claude:

He's staying. You know this and I know this. Sweeney didn't hesitate when asked about it. This is a good!

- Claude felt like he had a squad capable of making the playoffs, and thought they didn't get it in for themselves to seal the deal.

- Is disappinted Houda didn't get to stay but understands that this is a business. States he was ready to get to work with whoever else is being brought in to help him out in the assistant's role.

- Through Sweeney, has reiterated that there's no place he'd rather be and that he believes firmly in being Boston's coach.

- Claude did a self-eval on whether or not he thought he still connected with the dressing room and felt like he's still doing fine. He does say it would've been easy for him to leave, but that's not who he is.

- He loves the city and it's fans. Aww, thanks bud!

From Sweeney:

- Sweeney will look heavily to improve "all aspects of the roster" and has had interviews with pending UFAs.

- He was also certain that the younger defensemen should've played better, but has stressed patience with all of the youth on the blueline.

- Patience with youth in fact was a huge part of his going forward, noting that they would like to continue building depth in the organization via FA, the draft, NCAA etc. and would like to begin growing players as, in his words "That's what it takes to win". Noted that exposing players too early can be harmful to their game.

- He referred to McQuaid and Kevan Miller as "Core Players", and specifically stated Killer had a good year. Maybe he has some stock in the xGA/60 fancy stat?

- Sweeney says there are a couple of "untouchable" players, but that they want to come and succeed here in Boston. He would like players who are "internally driven".

- Did say that Chris Kelly's loss was kind of a letdown, stating that there's always room for a few glue guys on a team and losing one like Kelly did hurt the team a bit.

- He's a fan of Tuukka Rask, calling him a "damn good" goaltender, did acknowledge his struggles but isn't really interested in giving him up.

- Doesn't regret his Free Agency experience, feels like he made the best of the situation that he had. He's very much in favor of keeping Loui within the organization, but recognizes there are limitations to what he and Loui can end up doing.

- Did not receive a question about Zac Rinaldo, which I would've liked to hear more about.

- Sweeney repeatedly stated that everything that happened this year is his doing, ownership had little to do with it.

- He's aware that Boston's a passionate but harshly critical market to be in, but he's ready to start building a new era of Boston hockey with Claude.

- Sweeney does not like losing. Put your money where your mouth is in the offseason, chief.


- Sweeney seems more than anything else to "get it". Maybe this year's moves were just first time jitters but it seems like he recognizes what he needs to do and hopefully he manages to get some of his offseason goals finished.

- Claude said most of what he needed to say, I think. After almost a decade of being in the hot seat I think he's cool with being in a seat that looks hot but is actually just fine. Or maybe it is hot and he's just used to it.

- 0 for 2 on Dougs staying in the organization. Their Dougs/60 are taking a nosedive.

- Claude wasn't really asked all that much and when they did it was more or less individual things that could've just gone to Don Sweeney. This presser felt like it was more for him than anyone else. It is nice to see him in good health.

- Some nimrod asked about two specific games that in the long run didn't really mean much to the outcome of the season. Dunno why bearing down on two individual efforts over the course of 82 games is important but I guess that's boston media for you.

- Kevan doesn't really need to be considered part of the core, does he?

- Other than those things, good conference, now get to work, Sweenius!

The Cam Neely presser is next week on wednesday.