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Report: NWHL facing lawsuit from investor

This isn't looking good, hockey fans.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As reported by Meg Linehan of Excelle Sports on Thursday evening, the National Women's Hockey League and Commissioner Dani Rylan are facing a lawsuit from one of the League's founding investors. Mike Moran, one of the League's three known investors, is requesting reimbursement for the $184,971.10 he contributed to the League.

According to Excelle,

The NWHL and Rylan have until April 22, 2016 at 5 PM Eastern to either pay Moran’s requested amount or receive a written grant of extension. If neither happens, Moran is expected to file a lawsuit against both the NWHL and Rylan personally by the following Monday for the entirety of his investment, which the letter states to be over $200,000.

Rylan is scheduled to attend the Boston Pride's celebration at Faneuil Hall tomorrow afternoon, which is sure to make the event that much more interesting.

Read the full story here. We'll keep you updated.