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Old Boards, New Life

An historically significant artifact from the Lake Placid Olympics lives on to serve a new generation of players.

Young players need ice time, too.
Young players need ice time, too.
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Bruins continue to assess and plan after their disappointing season.

  • Cam Neely is doggedly maintaining that this year's Bruins were a playoff team. But he also admits there is much to be accomplished this off-season, and it must be done the right way.[Boston.CBSLocal]

  • Imagine for a moment that the Bruins were playing the Lightning instead of the Red Wings. Better defense or maybe more character might have made the difference.[BostonHerald]

  • Help Wanted: Successor to Zdeno Chara - must be NHL ready within appropriate window. Also, why emulate Detroit's model? Their 25 year streak of making the postseason has yielded ZERO finals appearances, just sayin'.[SouthCoastToday]

  • In the first game, they fell behind by two goals, now the Providence Bruins have gone on to squander a two goal lead. Both were overtime losses...[MassLive]

  • ...and in the second game, a second period collapse. The Bruins face Calder Cup playoff elimination. Because, of course.[ProvidenceJournal]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The old practice rink from the 'Miracle on Ice' was purchased for a song, and has been moved to Colorado, where it will hopefully spark a new generation of hockey players.[ChaffeeCountyTimes]

  • In a link yesterday, Sidney Crosby pointed out that cameras and microphones tamped down chirping. Adam Proteau sees this as an opportunity.[Hockeybuzz]

  • Kirk Luedeke has his report on the IIHF U-18 World Championship, look for these young players this July at the NHL Draft.[ScoutingPost]

  • And... CUT! I guess NBCSN didn't want fans to hear a Blackhawks analyst call them on the carpet for their quirky playoff scheduling. (With video)[Deadspin]

  • Zane McIntyre's old coach Dave Hakstol has made a playoff splash with the Flyers, and may open doors for other college coaches looking to make the leap to the NHL.[AP]

  • We're number ONE! Hockey leads all sports in concussions per participant, from peewee all the way to the pros.[TheProvince]

  • We're number ONE, Part Deux. Hockey collegians lead all sports participants in academic success statistics.[CollegeHockeyInc]

  • The Wild noted the passing of Minnesota native Prince, and some propose changing their goal song as a result.[BarDown]

  • 6-6-6. Sean McIndoe exorcises the capricious ghosts of notable playoff Game 6 overtimes gone by.[Sportsnet]