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SCOC End of Season Grades: The Incompletes

A quick look at the players who didn't end up completing the NHL season or didn't play enough games to justify a grade.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

As we begin the arduous process of properly grading all of the forwards, defensemen, goaltenders, we must first recognize that not every player will have stayed in Boston long enough to receive a grade, and thus we present the quick and dirty list of players who received incomplete grades.

Seth Griffith

Age: 23

NHL Games Played: 4

NHL Statline: 1 Assist, 1 point

AHL Statline: 24 goals, 53 Assists, 77 points

Griffith tore the AHL up, but only had four measely games in the lineup for the big club. We'll have plenty to talk about when the 25 under 25's begin, but as it stands Griffith's games were largely inconsequential towards the season, even if he did play on one of the bigger games of the year.

Matt Irwin

Age: 28

NHL Games Played: 2

NHL Statline: N/A

AHL Statline: 5 goals, 25 assists, 30 points

Irwin's disastrous two games for the Boston Bruins early on really only pointed out that he needed more seasoning as a defenseman. After the stumble out of the gate, he evened out in Providence and ended up leading all P-Bruins defensemen in points. time will tell whether or not he will see main club time in the future, but hopefully a teamwide disaster like the previous opening games can be averted during his stay.

Tommy Cross

Age: 26

NHL Games Played: 3

NHL Statline: 1 Assist, 1 point

AHL Statline: 3 Goals, 20 Assists, 23 points

I distinctly cannot remember a single thing about Tommy Cross' three games in Boston. But 2 of 3 of those were pretty heavyhanded wins to the tune of 6-2 one night and then 5-3 the next. Not bad! And then he went right back down to Providence. He did fairly respectably there with 23 points, tying for second on the team for defensemen. As a 26 year old, 4 year veteran of Providence, it's generally unlikely he'll return to the Big club anytime soon, but it's nice to see he's at least keeping pace with himself.

Alex Khokhlachev

Age: 22

Games Played: 5

NHL Statline: N/A

AHL Statline: 23 goals, 45 Assists, 68 points

I firmly believe that Koko has never. ever. ever. been given an actual fair shot by the Boston Bruins, and even then, he was a victim of circumstance. He's had to compete in the logjam that is the Bruins Center depth and has barely been able to adequately show his skills in a meaningful way. He's always looked fairly good in his limited roles, but it's never been enough to keep him up for any longer than a few games, and he's never exactly been on a line that helps show his strengths in a way that might keep him.

Koko's future in the organization may be helped by how much Bruce Cassidy likes having him part of his team, stating in the Providence Journal that he'd "take him on his team anytime. His teammates love him." but with his agent's comments and his frustrations mounting, this might be the last offseason we get to talk about him as a Bruin.

Next, more individual reports!