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The Czech Republic flavors the hockey news today

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Something to celebrate- the Bruins signed another Czech!
Something to celebrate- the Bruins signed another Czech!
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A Bruins youngster is taking it to the streets back home.

  • Goalie prospect signed? CZECH! The Bruins wasted no time in snapping up nineteen-year-old Daniel Vladar . Maybe grizzled veteran David Pastrnak can help by showing him the ropes?[ScoutingPost]

  • Speaking of Pastrnak, he is playing street hockey at home in preparation to play on the Czech national team. (Google translation from Czech)[iDNES]

  • The Bruins' recent cap and drafting issues along with attempts to strike it rich by annually casting aging veterans all add up to one thing- goodbye, 2010-11 core! Will Don Sweeney get the time he needs to make his mark?[Hockeybuzz]

  • Doug Houda remained gracious about being released by the Bruins, and had kind words about the Bruins' young defensemen.[BostonHerald]

  • It has been a while since Tuukka Rask has had any sort of competition (Hi, I'm Chad Johnson!) and perhaps his recent performance has suffered as a result.[Boston.CBSLocal]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Team Czech Republic is left scrambling to redesign their World Cup of Hockey sweater after their edited version of the national coat of arms is deemed illegal.[SportsLogos]

  • First there were no Canadian teams in the postseason. Now it turns out that the percentage of Canadian players is decreasing in rosters all across the NHL! Bummer, eh?[3rdLineGrind]

  • Every now and again, the enthusiasm of a fan who is new to hockey can still bring a smile to even the more jaded among us.[Hockeybuzz]

  • You're right, this year has been an unusual one for the playoffs. Here are a few reasons why this is so.[StarPulse]

  • So far Corsi has not predicted success in the playoffs- of the five teams with the best Corsi numbers, four are already GONE.[War-On-Ice]

  • Hockey, with a side of salsa... the Panthers ' Spanish language broadcasters are helping expand thier fanbase to a new market.[Sportsnet]

  • Just like an epidemic, visually follow the spread of hockey across the globe over the past 100 years.[The10And3]

  • Rival... (wait for it) ...ry! Hey, at least this article about Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin is NOT from NBC.[TheGlobeAndMail]

  • Speaking of rivalries, the way the league has tinkered them into the playoffs format may actually end up costing them in unexpected ways.[TodaysSlapShot]

  • In the OHL, as it happens, one in three fights occurs between a legal adult and a minor. I say- that's not cricket![TheGlobeAndMail]

  • The NHL Awards will be better for having Will Arnett as host. Here's the schedule for announcing nominees.[FearTheFin] Remember his skits from 2012? (Video compilation, 7:38)[YouTube]

  • Where are they now? The team that took World Championship silver in 2000 in St. Petersburg as the first representing an independent Slovakia included a young Zdeno Chara along with Miroslav Satan (pictured.) Many still play, or are coaching "puppies" (junior players?) or managing teams, one is a businessman, and sadly one was lost to suicide in 2014. (Google translation)[Sportky]

  • Enjoy these 25 tales of the adventures of the Stanley Cup, including how former Bruin Michael Ryder 's day with it didn't go quite as planned. (With video, 20:38)[Sportsnet]