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The NESN broadcasters are number one in our hearts, but apparently number two to everyone else...

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So NHL fans find the NESN team annoying...
So NHL fans find the NESN team annoying...
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Patrice Bergeron is number one, but to outsiders, it looks like Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley are simply number two

  • The Bruins always poll among the most hated NHL teams, apparently this transfers to NESN's Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley as well.[AwfulAnnouncing]

  • The Selke Trophy finalists have been announced. Here are the numbers behind each candidate, along with some statistical support for a few players that deserved consideration.[PuckDaddy]

  • One more take on the Selke competition, accompanied by video of a Patrice Bergeron interview (roast?). He was cut twice as a youth player. Who knew? (With videos)[Sportsnet]

  • Never tell me the odds! The Bruins go into the NHL lottery with only a remote chance of a top pick.[BostonHerald]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Didja miss Ryan Whitney and Mike Rupp ? They're baaaack, with their preview of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Second Round Edition.[ThePlayersTribune]

  • Welcome to Little Caesars Arena, Home of the Hot Wings Red Wings.[DistrictDetroit] Let the arena nicknaming begin![WingingItInMotown]

  • RIVALRY! John Tavares stole Steven Stamkos ' number as a youth player, and he did it with the help of Stamkos' own father![LighthouseHockey]

  • Congratulations to the Vezina finalists, although some heads are shaking over candidates that were overlooked.[InGoal]

  • Former Bruin Colton Orr has called it a career.[TheGlobeAndMail]

  • It is time for the top Tweets of April. A hockey newbie suggests a soccer solution for the final minutes of a game, and the Edmonton Oilers pull a prank.[Sportsnet]

  • Sean McIndoe assesses and then ultimately predicts the NHL Draft lottery by ranking teams in categories such as just plain due, worthiest, and most ironic outcome.[Sportsnet]

  • It was a long road to professional hockey for Bryce Dale, and he offers his advice now from a coaching perspective: Be ready to carve your own path.[Spongecoach]

  • It was the end of an era in Springfield, MA as AHL Hall of Famer Bruce Langdon has now called it a career.[MassLive]