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Bruins vs. Blackhawks 4/3/16 Recap: Bruins 4, Blackhawks 6.

Hawks went wild, Bruins couldn't begin to keep up.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period:

Oy...What a night.

The Bruins were not in a good state of mind going into the first OR second periods, surrendering a boatload of shots throughout the entire first period and seemingly spending an entire initial 20 minutes taking whatever they could get and allowing Tuukka Rask to showcase his strengths to the Chicago audience.

Of course, the Bruins were giving Rask an opportunity to do the very same with tons of undisciplined penalties, but we'll get to that when we come to it...which is right now, as David Krejci slashed Patrick Kane and put the Bruins on the penalty kill, and thus began the comedy of errors that was to come. Artem Anisimov put his 20th goal home from either a weird fake shot or a fantastic fake-out pass.

Things would not get better. A lot. Zdeno Chara and Jonathan Toews would end up taking matching unsportsmanlike conduct penalties a few minutes after this goal and would put both teams 4 on 4, where Chicago's Poster Boy as to how not be a star player anywhere in any league would end up taking advantage of a struggling Joe Morrow to get a goal scorer's goal. 2-0 Blackhawks.

And that is how that particular period ended. down 2-0, but against a team whose been struggling mightily in spite of their impressive record. Surely the Bruins could come back like they have before and salvage the game, right?

The Grand Hell Period:


In spite of having more shots on goal, the Bruins largely played like they did in the first, only this time things got even worse somehow. Less than a minute into the period would Artem Anisimov backhand a fantastic no chance look to Patrick Kane who would put the Blackhawks up 3-0.

The trainwreck of lethargic defense would continue down into the ravine a minute later. Toews to Hosse taking advantage of how bad Adam McQuaid is at the game of ice hockey, and in general being faster than most of the Bruins. 4-0.

Three more years! Three more years! Jonas Gustavsson would come in Relief of Tuukka Rask after this.

It was Chicago's Russian Wunderkind who got to take advantage of this particular decision. Gustavsson paid dearly for committing to a shot that didn't happen from Kane. 5-0.

Every angle of this goal hurts to look at so let's just move on-Oh COME ON, ANOTHER PENALTY? And for what? Too much man? For Real?

Ugh. Patrick Kane for the hat trick on the power play. 6-0 'Hawks.

Could someone please just end this game or at least make it look like the Bruins were trying? Can you concede a third period before it even begins? What possible hope does this group ha-

T H E  L E G E N D  I S  R E A L

...what? They were down 6-0. I would take any offense at all at that point if it looked like they could get it. The fact that it was a pretty fantastic goal in it's own right and it came off of David Pastrnak's stick is unrelated to that.


Also creating hope for the Boston faithful: Patrice Bergeron! who cut the lead to four on a great tip from an Adam McQuaid shot! 6-2!

It really looked like at this point the Bruins were starting to have form and shape put back into them, and while the 2nd period was aw-ful, they had more shots down the stretch and in the last few minutes they looked like they had something.

3rd Period:

The first line would end up dominating this period, as well as the Bruins in terms of SOG total, keeping the Hawks to just three.

Patrice would continue cutting into the lead with a fantastic goal set up by Loui Eriksson right in front of Scott Darling. 6-3.

Next, it was Brad Marchand's turn as he inches ever tantalizingly close to that 40 goal margin with only so few games left and so few bad defenses to get through to do it..kinda. One of Torey Krug's two shots happened to be in the way of Brad Marchand's skate who deflected it in. 6-4.

Unfortunately, that's where all the scoring would stop, and the Bruins would lose this game and only take away 2 points from a week they theoretically needed 4 from, and are now on the outside looking in...for now.

The Bruins play the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow at 7pm.

Miscellanious Thoughts:

- At least this game wasn't close to as disappointing as Wrestlemania was. (as a whole)

- Detroit plays the red hot Flyers on Wednesday. The sooner the Bruins get those two points against Carolina, the better.

- Julien placed none of this game on Tuukka Rask, explaining by saying post-game:

I don’t think my No. 1 goaltender needed to be exposed any more than that, the way we were playing in front of him and giving up those quality chances... So it was an opportunity for me to pull him out and maybe even try and change the momentum, but certainly not because of his play.”

- He also came up with a pretty nice phrase describing their next three games and the way they're going to think about this one. "You've got to park it and move on." A good way to think about it.

- Torey Krug has gotten considerable flak lately for "not hitting the net" when he takes a shot on goal. It should interest you to know that he has 41 points and almost all of them are assists. Perhaps he's trying to create more?

- There were games all over the last 78 that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defense of the Boston Bruins needs a massive overhaul and tonight I think described it better than any other game other than the LA game. The whole team's general form on defense was aphrehensive, listless, amorphous, or some horrid combo of all three.


- All gamethreads will be scheduled a half hour before the game starts come hell or high water. I promise you this and will make good on it throughout the course of today.

See you for the next one.