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This summer, SCoC is Going Down Under for the Australian Ice Hockey League...and we want you to come too!

The NHL regular season is reaching its closing stages. But in Australia, the AIHL is gearing up to start a new season in two weeks - and we at Chowder are hopping on board this summer. All the way on board. Come join us!

The NHL regular season is three games from its end. The Bruins are engaged in a fight of their lives for the playoffs - a fate that still hangs in the balance. We'll know this time next week whether or not there'll be hockey in Boston past mid-April.

If there is, then of course your friends at Chowder will be right there to cover the B's playoff run every step of the way with that mix of wit, passion and knowledge you've come to love.

But what if there isn't? If B's don't make the playoffs, or drop out early, then all we have to look forward to a summer of draft analysis, then Free Agency, then it's all about waiting for the beginning of preseason while keeping half-an-eye on baseball, cause nobody plays hockey in summer, right?


Down in Australia, they do, and the Australian Ice Hockey League is gearing up for its 16th season to compete for the fifth-oldest ice-hockey trophy in the world, the Goodall Cup.

And this year, we in Chowder are gearing right up with them.

Yup, for this summer, for the first time of hopefully many, as well as continuing to cover the Bruins, we become the Goodall Cup of Chowder.

But we're doing this properly. If we're going to go Down Under, then we're going to go Down Under with a team already adopted and ready to cover. We'll follow them all year to (hopefully) Goodall Cup glory, and in the process shed the spotlight on a league that deserves to be known about a lot more than it already is.

But we need to pick a team.

That's where you guys come in. For the next week, we're giving the AIHL teams and fans (and you guys) a chance to sell their teams to us.

Should we get charged up by the Adelaide Adrenaline? Go mad for Melbourne (Ice OR Mustangs?) Bark with the Sydney Ice Dogs or roar with the Bears? Soar with the Newcastle Northstars, rumble with the Perth Thunder or stand proud with the CBR (Canberra) Brave?

All things are possible, here.

Over the next week, we'll be making a decision. Once that decision is made, the team chosen is ours, just like the Bruins is ours. They'll be getting (as far as possible) the same treatment we give to the Bruins.

Simply put, we want to become (probably) the first blog to seriously cover the Australian Ice Hockey League in North America, this and (hopefully) every summer.

But first, we need a team. And we need one quickly.

We're giving the AIHL themselves a chance to find us one, along with you guys.

Fair dinkum, mate. Let's get going.