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Colin Miller Recalled from Providence

Seth Griffith's back down, as the Bruins shuffle personnel before a key home stand.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The plot thickens. The Boston Bruins blue line may look slightly different in the last three games, as Miller's return from AHL exile comes at a time where the Bruins are, once again, struggling.

Miller has 3 Goals and 15 Points in 39 Games at the NHL level this year, as well as 55 SOG. Miller also leads Bruins Defensemen in terms of Shot Attempts For % (also known as CF%) when on the ice, albeit in relatively sheltered minutes.

With Griffith being the one sent down, the Bruins are now carrying enough DMen that a number of different configurations are possible. That said, it's sort of doubtful that "Chiller" is back up if he's not slated to play at all.

The Bruins are in action at home tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes @ 7 PM, so we'll see who's slated to play (and with who) shortly beforehand.