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Philadelphia Flyers vs Detroit Red Wings is the only game that matters tonight for the Boston Bruins

What luck! It's on NBC Sports!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins performance last night was not great and not helpful for their playoff push.


I'll tell you the truth: It doesn't look good. A couple of Flyers wins and a Bruins regulation loss to Detroit on Thursday could put the final nail in the coffin.

Place Team GP W L OTL PTS ROW Pot Max Phi Det Bos
WC2 Philadelphia Flyers 78 39 26 13 91 36 8 99 -- 6 4
FE3 Detroit Red Wings 79 40 28 11 91 38 6 97 8 -- 4
Out Boston Bruins 80 41 30 9 91 37 4 95 8 6 --

The only game that matters: Philadelphia Flyers vs Detroit Red Wings

Lets see:

  • The Red Wings have one more ROW than the Bruins, and the same amount of points with 1 game in hand.
  • The Flyers have one fewer ROW than the Bruins, and the same amount of points with 2 games in hand.

Advantage: Rooting for Philadelphia.

Games coming up?

  • Red Wings have games @ Boston and host the Rangers to finish out the season.
  • Flyers have games against Toronto (lol), Pittsburgh, and finish at the Islanders.

More likely to get more points? Gotta go with Philly. Advantage: Rooting for Philadelphia.

If only that game were nationally available on a mid-tier cable channel...oh wait! It is!

  • Game Time: 8pm, tonight
  • TV: NBC Sports in America, TVA in Canada. You can stream the game with the NBC Sports Live app or online.
  • Horrible Jerks we hate love: Winging it in Motown and Broad Street Hockey.

Should be a good game, anyways. Dylan Larkin! Shayne Gostisbehere! Check it out tonight!