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NWHL trims roster size

Each team will now carry 17 players, down from 18 last season.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the NWHL announced in a press release that roster sizes will be decreased for the 2016-2017 season. Now, each team will consist of 15 skaters and two goalies, eliminating the third string goalie position. As a result, the minimum average salary for each player increases from $15,000 to $15,882 as the salary cap will continue to be $270,000.

The league is currently in a period of restricted free agency, allowing players to resign with their previous team or choose to enter free agency on May 1. Draft picks can also commit to the team that drafted them during this period, and if you watched the Women's Worlds this week, you should be praying that Kendall Coyne and Best Goaltender honoree Emerance Maschmeyer commit to the Boston Pride, like, tomorrow. Given that this is the first time draft picks will be signing, the league updated its bylaws to include a Draft Tax, stating, "If player decides to sign with another club, that club will forfeit between $1,000 - $5,000 of their salary cap to the club that drafted the player. $1,000 for 5th round picks, $2,000 for 4th round picks, $3,000 for 3rd round picks, $4,000 for 2nd round picks, $5,000 for 1st round picks."

I would much rather have our draft picks than cash, so let's hope some signing news is coming soon.