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Evan Turner rocks a Bruins jersey, hangs with David Pastrnak


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Most fans like to think Boston sports is one big fraternity. Tom Brady has lunch with David Ortiz, who grabs dinner with Rob Gronkowski after he takes a spin class with Zdeno Chara.

They're all pals, you know?

It appears that a friendship has developed between the Celtics' Evan Turner and the Bruins' David Pastrnak. What do they have in common? Aside from both being men and both being professional athletes in Boston...nothing. Which is kind of why it's so great that they're friends.

Turner, currently sidelined with an eye injury, spoke to the media today looking like this:

YES. Wait, is that a Jimmy Hayes jersey? Nope.

A custom Evan Turner Bruins jersey. Apparently it was a trade with Pastrnak, who must have a #88 Celtics jersey lying around now.

Turner, who is having a great season with an exciting young Celtics team, has apparently been hitting the town with the young Czech too.

...gets after what? Surely he isn't out chasing girls at bars at his under-21, never.

This means E.T. and D.P. are hitting the town, which is pretty cool.

Jokes aside, it's actually cool to see Pastrnak and Turner develop a friendship. A quiet teenager from the Czech Republic and a 6' 7" shooting guard from Chicago.

Somewhere in Watertown, a NESN executive is frantically developing a reality show...