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What tonight's games mean for the Bruins Playoff Chances

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Flyers totally screwed the pooch and didn't make our lives any easier. All we can do is win and hope.

Standings and magic numbers

It doesn't look good, Bob.

Place Team GP W L OTL PTS ROW Pot Max Det Phi Bos
FE3 Detroit Red Wings 80 41 28 11 93 39 4 97 -- 4 2
WC2 Philadelphia Flyers 79 39 27 13 91 36 6 97 6 -- 4
Out Boston Bruins 80 41 30 9 91 37 4 95 6 6 --

A loss to the Red Wings tonight would push the Bruins out of contention for a Flortheast playoff spot, but we could still catch Philly...maybe.

Most Important Game: Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings

Again, a loss to the Red Wings of any kind will take us out of contention for that third Flortheast playoff spot. And the Red Wings will make the playoffs again, and all of our voodoo will have been for nothing. A win would tie us with Detroit, but they have far more ROW than we do. They've got one more game after this, and so do we. Tough stuff.

Second-Most Important Game: Philadelphia Flyers vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Oh dear. The Flyers have three more games including tonight's. They just got blown out by the Red Wings, and they're playing at home vs. Toronto. This has Flyers win written all over it. Root for Toronto. It could screw up their draft position a little, and also help us make the playoffs in the Wildcard 2 position...which could lead to a swift death at the hands of Washington. Orrrrr revenge for 2012. Just saying.