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In The Red

Points are at a premium for the Bruins, who find themselves in a pickle rather than in a playoff spot

Noel Acciari, whose play has been a bright spot, in a blizzard of snow
Noel Acciari, whose play has been a bright spot, in a blizzard of snow
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight at 7:00PM the Bruins face the Red Wings... along with the possibility of a very long summer of golf.

  • Whoyagonnacall? Max Talbot! Why he got the call-up is probably the big story, here. Loui Eriksson is poised for an important 30th goal, which will be important in free agency.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • The team that exceeded gloomy expectations in the fall rose to the top of the division and now have fallen. In prior years, key Bruins seemed to be able to step up and motivate their teammates.[WEEI]

  • Thanks for nothing, Detroit, you were supposed to do us a favor and LOSE to the Flyers last night.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Sure, anything can happen once a team makes the playoffs, but sputtering against bottom feeding teams will not get the Bruins in.[WEEI]

  • Currently, the Bruins' defense "is not championship caliber. Heck-it's not even playoff caliber." (Bonus- amusing hair metal video, 4:28)[ScoutingPost]

  • A sputtering offense will need to ignite tonight for the Bruins to hold any hope of playing on in the postseason.[Hockeybuzz]

  • Postgame on Tuesday night, TD Garden and available fans were used as a backdrop for scenes to be used in the film "Stronger."[NESN]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Toby O'Brien, president and GM of the new ECHL Worcester Railers, sat with Joe Tasca for a very gung-ho interview about the future of the new team, even as he politely dodged the question about a possible future affiliation with the Boston Bruins.(Audio, 13:00)[PBruinsThisWeek]

  • Farewell to Rexall Place! The Oilers bade their storied arena goodbye one final time with a win over the Canucks.[TheHockeyNews]

  • It's getting... messier: A proposal to rebuild the old Kingsbridge Armory into a new ice arena complex has been tabled by the new mayor of New York. Mark Messier is the principal, and he is some irked![NYPost]

  • Sean McIndoe invites us to ponder the strangest names to appear on NHL awards ballots.[TheHockeyNews]

  • He's dead to me... This Red Wings fan is also an actor in "The Walking Dead," and he's welcome to keep his opinions to himself![BarDown]

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets have had the most imaginative game day posters, but sadly, not for long. Take a look here.[BarDown]

  • Think of the children! The ENTIRE Russian IIHF World U-18 men's roster was replaced due to reported doping. Ouch![TSN]

  • This modest proposal could redesign the draft lottery to help prevent NHL teams tanking only to strike gold in the draft.[Sportsnet]

  • Wayne Gretzky is one to talk... he sees less imagination and lower goal scoring in the NHL these days.[TheNewYorkTimes]

  • SMACKDOWN! The OHL is not messing around with the defiant, embattled owner of the Flint Firebirds after he re-fired the team's coaching staff.[Sportsnet]