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The Bruins can still make the playoffs, here's how


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

What a game tonight! This puts the Bruins in position to perhaps actually squeak into the playoffs. What do they need? Well, it's not going to be easy. Let's get to this:

Standings and Magic Numbers:

Place Team GP W L OTL PTS ROW Pot Max Phi Det Bos
Out Philadelphia Flyers 80 39 27 14 92 36 4 96 -- 3 3
FE3 Detroit Red Wings 81 41 29 11 93 39 2 95 3 -- 2
WC2 Boston Bruins 81 42 30 9 93 38 2 95 3 2 --

Playoff Scenarios:

Only a few games matter at this point. IF:

Bruins get 3rd in FlorthEast if on Saturday:

  • Bruins win in regulation or overtime and Detroit does anything but win in regulation or overtime.
  • Bruins win in shootout and Detroit loses in any fashion.
  • Bruins lose in overtime or shootout and Detroit loses in regulation.

But that's not the only option for playoff entry. There's also the Flyers fighting for that last wildcard spot in two games. Bruins top the Flyers if:

  • Bruins win and Flyers do not go 2-0-0
  • Bruins lose in extra time and Flyers do not go 2-0-0 or 1-0-1
  • Bruins lose in regulation and Flyers go 0-2-0 or 0-1-1

So basically, if every team wins in regulation, the Bruins are still out. If the Bruins win and either Philly or Detroit doesn't win in regulation, they're probably in. It'll be a stressful Saturday for everyone.

Luckily, Top Shelf Cookies is at Boston Public Market right now, available for you to go in and get some lucky Black and Golds before the game on Saturday. It's important.