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SCOC 30 Days of Fandom: Day 1 - Why are you a Bruins fan?

What's your story?

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It's the doldrums of another long offseason for the Bruins. That sucks. What also sucks: finding enough fun things to entertain you guys, in and around trying to bring you informative coverage of the team. But let's be honest: nothing is happening right now, and nothing is probably going to happen until about the middle of June.

We've decided to fill the space with this 30-day challenge! Every day we will give you, our Chowder commentariat, a topic to discuss, and we'll give a few staff answers on the topic as well. We're borrowing this idea from Second City Hockey, who borrowed it from SB Nation's wrestling blog, who borrowed it from...tumblr, probably.

It goes without saying but please respect everyone's stories and opinions - there's no right way to be a fan, and we're hoping to get lots of fun anecdotes out of some of these topics. Without further ado...


Day 1. Why are you a Bruins fan?

Sarah: I'm from Massachusetts and I grew up sneaking out of bed to watch hockey with my dad, but I never really cared about the Bruins. I initially became a Bruins fan back in 2008 to spite my best friend. She was from Portland Oregon and we'd just taken a trip to Montreal immediately after having graduated from Boston University. I believe the exact conversation went like this:

"I think I'm going to become a Canadiens fan."
"I'm pretty sure if I did that I'd get disowned, so I'm going to start following the Bruins to negate you."

She proceeded to become a happy casual Habs fan, and I fell down the deep, dark hole that lead me to where I am today, standing here before you a broken Bruins fan in the year of our lord 2016.

Nolan: I'm from Southern Massachusetts and everyone in my family was a B's fan. Plus Billy Guerin was my favorite player. Kind of sealed the deal.

Gus: I moved to Massachusetts when I was ten, and started playing hockey in 7th grade. Bruins were the team to follow and complain about (Dad also was a Bruins fan when he had lived in Massachusetts earlier in his life, so he was probably an influence too)

So what's your story? Tell it in the comments below!