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Report: Bruins' sponsor ORG, from China, looking to start own KHL team

The partnership previously brought a youth team from Beijing to Boston

Pool/Getty Images

A while back, we talked about ORG, the Chinese company that was sponsoring the Bruins. As part of that sponsorship, they brought a youth team from Beijing to Boston to play local youth teams. Now, a group called "ORG Star Ice Hockey Club" has travelled to Moscow to meet with KHL president Dmitry Tjernisjenko about opening a second KHL team in China, according to Swedish news source expressen.

It's unclear whether the Bruins would extend their partnership to the KHL team, but it wouldn't be the first time they had partnered with a team across the ocean - the Bruins and JYP of the SM-Liiga had a scouting partnership in place years ago.