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SCOC 30 Days of Fandom: Day 2 - What is your earliest Bruins memory?

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It's the doldrums of another long offseason for the Bruins. That sucks. What also sucks: finding enough fun things to entertain you guys, in and around trying to bring you informative coverage of the team. But let's be honest: nothing is happening right now, and nothing is probably going to happen until about the middle of June.

We've decided to fill the space with this 30-day challenge! Every day we will give you, our Chowder commentariat, a topic to discuss, and we'll give a few staff answers on the topic as well. We're borrowing this idea from Second City Hockey, who borrowed it from SB Nation's wrestling blog, who borrowed it from...tumblr, probably.

It goes without saying but please respect everyone's stories and opinions - there's no right way to be a fan, and we're hoping to get lots of fun anecdotes out of some of these topics.


Day 2: What is your earliest Bruins memory?

Cam: I don't remember my first specifically, but I really enjoyed the days of PJ Axelsson grinding past defenses. The days of Joe Thornton and crew were the first time that I really started to follow the Bruins.

Sky: I know it was back in like 2003 against the Canadiens, it was tight, and I was super excited about it. I think it wasn't a school night? the game went to OT, my dad had been falling asleep and then Sergei Samsonov got the game winner and I almost spooked the hell out of him by just yelling "YEAH!"

Nolan: The first memory that comes to mind is PJ Stock's fight against Stephen Peat. I was watching the game at my grandmothers house and it was on ESPN/ABC, I believe. Loved me some good ole GRIT and TOUGHNESS since then.

Sarah: Definitely meeting Sergei Samsonov in my hometown when I was like 12.

Gus: My earliest memory is enjoying the hell out of out of Glen Murray's "get in slot, wait for pass, shoot" style of getting 30+ goals a year.

What's your story? Leave it in the comments below!

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