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SCOC 30 Days of Fandom: Day 3 - Who is your all-time favorite Bruin?

From Orr to Bergeron and everyone in between, you have 92 years of options.

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It's the doldrums of another long offseason for the Bruins. That sucks. What also sucks: finding enough fun things to entertain you guys, in and around trying to bring you informative coverage of the team. But let's be honest: nothing is happening right now, and nothing is probably going to happen until about the middle of June.

We've decided to fill the space with this 30-day challenge! Every day we will give you, our Chowder commentariat, a topic to discuss, and we'll give a few staff answers on the topic as well. We're borrowing this idea from Second City Hockey, who borrowed it from SB Nation's wrestling blog, who borrowed it from...tumblr, probably.

It goes without saying but please respect everyone's stories and opinions - there's no right way to be a fan, and we're hoping to get lots of fun anecdotes out of some of these topics.


Day 3: Who is your all-time favorite Bruins player?

Dan: Ignoring current guys, I'll go with Glen Murray. He was never really the fastest or strongest guy, and usually looked a step behind. But pretty much all he did was score goals. Great shot, pretty consistent as a Bruin. Plus, that OT goal after the Kovalev fake injury ruled. He was a big part of one of the Bruins' best lines of the last couple decades.

Marcie: Gotta go with (surprise surprise) Marchy. Rooting for him is like rooting for myself, and sometimes I really need to root for myself. But he's better looking and more coordinated/hockey talented than me.

Cam: Patrice Bergeron. When I played, I always tried to model my game after him. He plays the game the right way, is a role model in the community, and is really damn good.

Chris: Brian Rolston, from the Pre Bergeron era. I was always drawn to two way players. I sent him a card to get it autographed, and he never sent it back. A year later he was gone, and i focused a lot more on Bergeron. He turned out pretty alright.

Sarah: Marc Savard. He scored two goals in the first game I ever went to, and I promptly declared him my favorite. He was always so much fun to watch - I screamed so loud when he scored in game 1 against the Flyers in 2010 that my dad, who heard me from outside the house, thought I'd broken myself.

What's your story? Leave it in the comments below!

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