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Heavy Mettle

Will the Bruins commit to keep their offensive little defenseman?

Waiting to hear what the future holds. (Torey Krug, Don Sweeney)
Waiting to hear what the future holds. (Torey Krug, Don Sweeney)
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Decisions, decisions!

  • Much of the Bruins ' future depends on the decision that Don Sweeney makes about Torey Krug , as well as the reasons behind it.[SouthCoastToday]

  • One possible piece to put in play to trade for a defenseman is Malcolm Subban ...if you're convinced Daniel Vladar and Zane McIntyre are prime time ready, or that UFA Jeremy Smith is sticking around.[CausewayCrowd]

  • Everybody Loves Brad Marchand , including his Vancouver Canuck roommate at IIHF Worlds.[VanCityBuzz]

  • At the IIHF World Championship, it is on to quarterfinals! Team USA squeaked in with an OT loss to Slovakia and will face Team Czech Republic. The Canadians and Finns remain undefeated.[TheTribune]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Sean McIndoe explains what sent the teams now eliminated from the playoffs off the rails, and whether or not there's hope for a fix.[Sportsnet]

  • The daughter of a former Bruin has hung up her own skates to become the face Abercrombie & Fitch. Goodbye, Providence![ProvidenceJournal]

  • Former Bruin Ben Youds is rumored to be signing with the Leksnasa IF in the Swedish Hockey League. (In Swedish)[Aftonbladet]

  • Former Bruin Carter Camper potted this outstanding Game 7 goal for the Hershy Bears, and Chris Bourque is the first to hug him afterward.(With video)[ThehockeyNews]

  • How many of us have torn out our hair over an official's "intent to blow" or "dead in the head?" Paul Stewart talks about one call he missed in his first game.[Hockeybuzz]

  • For all the NHLers who found themselves in the ranks of those whose goals have been called back, this song's for you! (Video, 3:32)[YouTube]

  • Although currently tied up helping Marco Sturm with Team Germany, Geoff Ward's name has emerged as a possibility to take over the Flames.[Hockeybuzz]

  • The cat that stole the show during the Sharks vs. Predators game a bit ago has found a new home.[FearTheFin]

  • In other bruin news, here are some pictures of a quartet of brown furry ones caught in a suburban backyard in New Jersey.[DailyRecord]