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SCOC 30 Days of Fandom: Day 7 - Who introduced you to hockey?

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It's the doldrums of another long offseason for the Bruins. That sucks. What also sucks: finding enough fun things to entertain you guys, in and around trying to bring you informative coverage of the team. But let's be honest: nothing is happening right now, and nothing is probably going to happen until about the middle of June.

We've decided to fill the space with this 30-day challenge! Every day we will give you, our Chowder commentariat, a topic to discuss, and we'll give a few staff answers on the topic as well. We're borrowing this idea from Second City Hockey, who borrowed it from SB Nation's wrestling blog, who borrowed it from...tumblr, probably.

It goes without saying but please respect everyone's stories and opinions - there's no right way to be a fan, and we're hoping to get lots of fun anecdotes out of some of these topics.


Day 7: Who introduced you to hockey?

Fearless leader Cornelius and family, 1990.

Cornelius: I think my dad originally originally introduced me to hockey, ages and ages ago. He and my mom went to the Garden to see Wayne Gretzky play at least once way back when.  But I wouldn't be the hockey dork I am now without the Minnesota Wild official site message boards. I went there during/after the full-year lockout during downtime at my college job. Eventually I moved on to other message boards and a blog and twitter etc.

Sarah: My dad. As a small child I used to sneak out of bed to stay up late and watch hockey with him, even if I had no idea what was going on.

Marcie: I've always been surrounded by it, but it was my dad who answered all of my "what's icing?" and "why did they get a four minute penalty instead of a two?" questions. Little did he know that by helping me get heavily into hockey, he created a monster!

Chris and family.

Ellie: My hometown got me into hockey. I'm not from a sports-loving family generally, but when I was a kid, my hometown Reims was pretty good at hockey (I know it means nothing, France is shit at hockey, etc etc) and the team, les Flammes Bleues, won the league a few times, so it was like. A hometown pride thing. And then one of my best mates joined their junior team and I was at the rink way too often after that.

Chris: My dad. He got us all into hockey, skating on our lake, coaching learn to skate, and not pushing us to do it. We had to want to skate

What's your story? Leave it in the comments below!

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