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Bruins could have Chiarelli compensation pushed back another year

It's unlikely to happen, but due to an NHLPA grievance the Oilers could defer the compensation for hiring Peter Chiarelli another year

Hold the phone: Compensation for losing Chiarelli could be an extra year away, thanks to the NHLPA
Hold the phone: Compensation for losing Chiarelli could be an extra year away, thanks to the NHLPA
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Earlier today, OilersNation was alerted to a potential loophole in the original compensation for hired coaches and management, and the Bruins are one of the five teams waiting to receive either a second or a third round pick. Here is a list of executives hired, and teams that hired them during the timeframe of the compensation rule.

Devils: No compensation for the Sharks hiring Peter DeBoer, and 2016, 2017, or 2018 third round pick from Toronto for hiring Lou Lamoriello.

Red Wings: 2015, 2016, or 2017 third round pick from Toronto for hiring Mike Babcock.

Penguins: 2016 Vancouver 3rd round pick, #63 overall (Via the Sabres, via the New York Islanders) for Buffalo hiring Dan Bylsma. This pick was then traded in part of the Sutter/Bonino trade. The Penguins also received the 2016 Devils third round pick from New Jersey for hiring John Hynes. Former GM Ray Shero was hired by the Devils for no compensation.

Canucks: 2016, 2017, or 2018 Columbus second round pick for hiring John Tortorella

Bruins: 2015, 2016, or 2017 2nd round pick from the Oilers for hiring Peter Chiarelli

Sharks: Received 2015 third round pick (#86-Mike Robinson) for the Oilers hiring Todd McLellan

Assuming the Oilers do not transfer their 2016 second round pick, the Oilers will be forced to give their 2017 second round pick to the Bruins, having held on to the 2015 (33rd overall) and 2016 (32nd overall). Naturally, the Oilers will win the lottery again next year with the worst record in the NHL, continuing the trend of draft picks shown in this handy chart here:

So while the Oilers could be doing the Bruins a favor by withholding their pick to 2017, it's unlikely that they have injuries to key players again next year, and should finish above second to last next year. But we've been saying that for the past three or four years. THIS IS THEIR YEAR!

Back to the loophole: The NHLPA filed a grievance against the NHL claiming that by forcing teams to give up compensation for coaches hired away from other teams, it would impact teams abilities to use offer sheets. The NHL now will allow the compensation to be pushed back ANOTHER year if a team (in the Bruins case, the Oilers) offer sheet someone like Seth Jones, and the offer sheet is not matched. Given the proclivity of teams to throw offer sheets around, it is highly unlikely that it happens, but anything is possible.

Again, thanks to OilersNation and Lowetide for posting this. The direct link to the article where Renaud Lavoie talks about the new rule is translated from French inside, so give it a click.