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Eddie's Aces

Did you know that Don Cherry was one of the "Black Aces" called up by Eddie Shore?

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"Name that Black Ace" (Anton Khudobin)
"Name that Black Ace" (Anton Khudobin)
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It all began with Eddie Shore, and it wasn't all glitter and unicorns.

  • The concept of calling up "Black Aces" was originated by Eddie Shore, so clearly it was a job that involved a lot more than just hockey.[TheHockeyWriters]

  • So the Bruins are in decline, are they? They're in good company, along with the Rangers and Red Wings.[Sportsnet]

  • Thinking ahead to the NHL Draft, how 'bout Charles McAvoy of BU?[CausewayCrowd]

  • Plans for the new Boston Landing practice facility are being altered, and here's a look at the draft plans so far.[BankerAndTradesman]

  • Seen at the scene... several Bruins alumni were on hand to help the Dropkick Murphys raise money for their charitable foundation, the Claddagh Fund.[TheBostonGlobe]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • The Maple Leafs have already set the route for their NHL Draft Lottery victory parade. NO, REALLY![TheBeaverton]

  • #BestKessel. How nice is it to have Amanda Kessel back in the game? (With photo gallery)[PuckDaddy]

  • The Kraft Hockeyville winner is... Former Bruin Justin Florek 's home town, Marquette, MI.[DetroitFreePress]

  • "Jo PawVelski" the cat doesn't look like she feels too lucky in this picture, but her future is bright.[PuckDaddy] In fact, the Sharks are making a bold move by embracing the feline as a totem against the Predators, but it seems to be working![NationalPost]

  • That horse named for a Red Wings player is the Kentucky Derby favorite, and the Stanley Cup will be at the race for good luck![LATimes]

  • Hockey has been a bit of a dud for Rogers Media with no Canadian teams in the playoffs. They did, however enjoy a boost with NHL Draft viewership.[TheGlobeAndMail]

  • But was this really "The Year That Hockey Died" for our northern neighbours? Or has hockey merely taken its rightful place?[TheGlobeAndMail]