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Another Bruin looks to the KHL for the upcoming season

Good luck to you back home in Russia, Koko! (Alexander Khokhlachev)
Good luck to you back home in Russia, Koko! (Alexander Khokhlachev)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

The Bruins have announced a few dates that you may wish to keep free...

  • September 26 opens the preseason, but it will be an interesting one, as Claude Julien and an number of the Usual Suspects will be participating in the World Cup of Hockey.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • It looks like Alex Khokhlachev is the new Carl Soderberg , kinda sorta in one specific way.[Hockeybuzz]

  • So, are you ready for that Bruins "youth movement" for which everyone has been clamoring? (With video)[CausewayCrowd]

  • Looking back at the best rookie efforts in a Stanley Cup Final... there is the Jagr, and there is Brad Marchand. (With video, including elated Marchand sisters in the crowd)[NESN]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • NHL Combine is more than counting pull-ups. It is a chance to meet and screen a team's potential prospects. But the lads are well rehearsed, and it can be hard to get a candid response.[Sportsnet]

  • The Bettman cackles in glee as he reports on the state of the NHL, and everything seems to be going as he planned. Heh heh heh...[TheStar]

  • Matt Cullen has a secret cadre of analysts working for him behind the scenes... his little sons.[PlayersTribune]

  • Ridiculously photogenic Pascal Dupuis continues to contribute, even if his ongoing condition precludes taking to the ice with his team.[PlayersTribune]

  • Godspeed Tom Lysiak and former Bruin draft pick Rick MacLeish.[Hockeybuzz]

  • Sean McIndoe offers his advice for bandwagon hockey fans to fit right in with us veterans...[DownGoesBrown]

  • He didn't choose the hockey life, it chose him- former Penguin, now Shark, Paul Martin was a multi-sport standout with multiple Minnesota schoolboy records before settling on hockey as a career.[StarTribune]

  • It seems like only yesterday, but it has been 5 years since the NHL returned to Winnipeg.[CBC]

  • Stephen Peat 's father is left with regrets and serious concerns as he recognizes the symptoms of CTE emerging in his son, a former enforcer now struggling to lead a normal life.[TheNewYorkTimes]

  • Former Bruin Dan LaCouture has been charged with assault in the Bay State.[TSN]

  • How about a laugh at the Top 10 Hockey Tweets of May, 2016? Malcolm's brother P.K. Subban was always a sharp dressed young man... (Bonus video- a Joe Thornton interview)[Sportsnet]