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Five Years Ago Today: One ____ing goal

All it took was ONE. GOAL.

Rich Lam/Getty Images

You've tied the series. The series is now more high stakes, but you basically get to start over! Hey, there's no big deal, is there?

Well. Yeah, there is. You're in the Stanley Cup Final. Anything can happen, and that means anything that can go wrong, will.

In many respects, this was one of Tim Thomas' big moments as a Bruin. He stood on his head all night long, making his signature acrobatic saves, and he played a fantastic opposite to Luongo who seemed to have regained his mojo. The game itself was pretty quiet too, both sides looking to get their hands on victory for the all-important series lead, limiting penalties and not playing too...well...buffoonish.

But two periods of nothing in the Stanley Cup Final can only mean disaster is ahead for one team. And this time? It had to be the Bruins.

Okay, so five minutes into the period, Kevin Bieksa takes a shot from the point to try and sneak one by Thomas. It bounces to the boards...and Lapierre. Who had a wide open net.

This image is the best I can find of the brief second of hope Bruins fans had before it was snatched away by Maxime Lapierre. I remember being devastated by this goal after being on the edge of my seat for over an hour and a half of TV. I was begging for this game to get me back on the "EASY STREET, BABY" levels of hype I had.

And all it took was one weird bounce to screw it all up.

In retrospect, it could've been any particular player. The entire team had shifted to one side of the ice on the play, with Thomas' signature aggressive play style meaning it was all or nothing on Bieksa's shot. And that he'd have a lot of ground to cover to get back. But the fact that it had to happen here and now so early (relatively) in the third period meant the Bruins were going to do my personal version of hell: Chase the lead to tie it. I hate when teams do it. I hate them even more when it's ONE. GOAL. and the team I happen to be rooting for CAN'T. DO IT. If that is my punishment in the hereafter, I will be atoning for the rest of my life.

So there went game 5. This performance, as valiant as it was for the Bruins, was torture to watch. And it really gave that impression that things might be over.

Of course, Game 6 rolled around and everyone forgot about that.

But that's another story.