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The Undrafted

The "sure thing" just doesn't seem to pan out often for the Bruins

Number one in the faceoff circle, number one in our hearts (Patrice Bergeron)
Number one in the faceoff circle, number one in our hearts (Patrice Bergeron)
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins seem to do far better with their unknowns than their vaunted high draft picks. Go figure!

  • Kirk Luedeke employs the hindsight test by reviewing the Redline Report assessments of current Bruins. The team found surprising success with a number of undrafted gems, while several notable draftees are now producing for other teams. Scouting Post
  • There appears to be no right or wrong answer to the dilemma about signing Loui Eriksson- the key may be that the Bruins have no one in the pipeline currently to replace him, and he clearly wishes to stay. Hockeybuzz
  • How do you like them now? With several personnel movements leaving many fans scratching their heads, will the Bruins’ front office be able to redeem themselves? Boston Sports Desk
  • His teammates may call him grumpy, but Chris Kelly was all smiles as he held a gym hockey session and party with a bunch of schoolchildren. North End Waterfront

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Godspeed, Gordie Howe, and thank you for your namesake hat trick. The Boston Globe
  • It wasn’t Michael Ryder’s fault, honest! And did you know the Stanley Cup now has a curfew? And oh, the stickers on the well-worn trunk... These and other tidbits of Cup lore are yours for the reading. Sportsnet
  • Stayin’ Alive- the Sharks mustered a win against the Penguins, and now their next must-win is ahead. The Hockey News
  • Rick Nash would be a natural for the Bruins, because he’s a big body that can score, we can just make the numbers work, I guess? Blue Line To Blue Line
  • Has the NHL advanced to a sort of post-superstar era? The emergence of unlikely heroes in the playoffs may signal a new trend. TSN
  • Ben Scrivens offers his take on the goaltending profession (while artfully acknowledging that not all pro tenders are men through his choice of pronouns.) (Part one) The Players’ Tribune
  • Do YOU know this Bruins fan? A bank robber wearing a Bruins sweatshirt was caught on film in Yonkers. The Journal News