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NHL Mock Draft 2016: Boston Bruins trade 14th overall pick to St. Louis for Kevin Shattenkirk

Kevin Shattenkirk and Cam Atkinson at Frozen Fenway
Kevin Shattenkirk (and Cam Atkinson!) at Frozen Fenway
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As you may already know, the SBNation mock draft is in full swing. Your fearless leaders, the editorial staff of Stanley Cup of Chowder, are acting mock GMs. So far we've gotten the first 13 picks, which means that the mock Bruins are up. Travis Hughes, in a Gary Bettman mask, steps up to the podium with the best words spoken on draft day since "The Boston Bruins select, from Sweden, David Pastrnak."

We have a trade to announce.

Thanks, Travis.

Some specifics around the Bruins trading their 14th-overall mock draft pick to St. Louis.

Terms of the deal:

To St. Louis:

  • 2016 1st round BOS pick (14th)
  • 2016 2nd round BOS pick
  • Matt Beleskey

To Boston:

  • 2016 1st round STL pick (28th)
  • Kevin Shattenkirk
  • Ty Rattie

Why did we make this trade? The obvious reason is that we wanted to shake up the mock draft a little.

The other is that our editorial staff includes a huge homer for BU that also happens to like the Blues a lot.

The third is that the hive mind thought it was a good deal at the time, though I will note that Johndavis33 thinks it’s a crap deal. We tried to toss McQuaid in to upgrade Rattie to Jaskin, but they didn't bite.

In our minds, we keep a first rounder and add a better defenseman than most of last year’s corps.

What do you think?