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Good Fun

In all seriousness, enjoy that Stanley Cup, Phil Kessel

Back in the day, he used to wear a different black and gold. (Phil Kessel)
Back in the day, he used to wear a different black and gold. (Phil Kessel)
Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images

Start your afternoon with some Bruins humor.

  • Here are all of the most moronic hot taeks about the Bruins that D.J. Bean can debunk in one sitting. WEEI
  • The bad news? The Bruins didn’t make the playoffs. The good news? The team will not owe any bonuses, as they did to Jarome Iginla. WEEI
  • View this gallery and read the brief blurbs about the Bruins top 14 prospects.
  • The Sharks’ 29th draft pick gained by the Bruins in the Martin Jones flip will not be an answer in itself, but will help bolster a possible trade package. Hockeybuzz
  • After a weather delay, that new Warrior stick is in place at Boston Landing. Boston CBS Local

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A cheeky Phil Kessel has very publicly thanked Toronto for driving him out of town. NO, REALLY! Sports Pickle
  • Kessel is the shining example and role model that the young Toronto Maple Leafs should aspire to be, because Steve Simmons says so. NO, REALLY! Lighthouse Hockey
  • The Boston University Terriers are serving up a near record class of NHL prospects, over which teams are salivating. The Boston Globe
  • Take a look at what the 2016 draft might yield for teams other than just the Bruins. Will leaked information be used to throw up smoke screens to draw attention from targeted draftees? (Audio, 36:16) Scouting Post
  • Enjoy one final HNIC video montage to celebrate the season that was. (With video) The Hockey News
  • Call him the Boomerang- it appears that Randy Carlisle will be returning to his former spot behind the Ducks’ bench. Sports Illustrated
  • Unlucky thirteen- this short list of potential buyout candidates includes one former Bruin, one formerly noted Bruin killer, and one player reviled for biting a Bruin. Sportsnet
  • The viewership numbers are in on Stanley Cup Final Game #6, and they’re not good. Sports Media Watch
  • Detroit has changed, and Mr. Hockey is sadly a dim memory in a city more concerned with the NBA finals and mourning Muhammad Ali. Macleans
  • On a cheerier note, look back to the singular chance Howe had to play professionally with both his sons, and how one Oilers defenseman recalled being forcefully removed from atop one son in a scrum by the irate senior Howe in a most... unique... way. The Province