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Knives In Their Teeth

That paints a picture, doesn't it? The Bruins will be ready come September.

Patrice Bergeron is ready to tussle.
Patrice Bergeron is ready to tussle.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We’re down to celebrating Bruins history, because...

  • On this day in 2011 a rilly, rilly great thing happened for the Bruins as well as some other stuff in 2013, which notably may be the last mention you hear of Daniel Paille. NHL The orgy continues here. (With video) NESN
  • Dear Bruins, for PUCK’S SAKE DO SOMETHING with your buyouts... unless nothing is the right thing to do... WEEI
  • Patrice Bergeron is primed to win the World Cup of Hockey, but he looks forward to being in shape for the regular NHL season, as the Stanley Cup is in his sights. He assures us that the Bruins will arrive in the fall ready to go, ‘holding the knife between their teeth’ and ‘with everyone’s hands in the dough.’ (Evocative idioms, non? Google translation) Le Peuplelot Biniere
  • One writer recalls his most notable New England sports moments, including a recent one that was a watershed for the Bruins, who "haven’t been the same since that night." Bangor Daily News
  • Take the time to read an account of the Vancouver riots that scarred the city after the Bruins victory in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. (With video) The Province

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Former Bruin Simon Gagne spoke about the frustration in Quebec City about not getting an NHL team, and that it may not happen until 2020. Players to have a dog in the fight, though, and take a financial hit every time a nontraditional market team requires subsidies. (Google translation) Le Journal de Montreal
  • The orgy of concept jerseys for a Las Vegas expansion team has begun. View several visions here. Gorge yourself on these eight designs. Bar Down And this one. Bar Down As well as this one. Bar Down
  • C’mon, really? Is another desert team in anyone’s best interest? The Hockey News It all came down to taxes anyway. Last Word On Sports It is still sobering to note that Las Vegas "(has) struggled to support pretty much every minor league team that’s tried to play there." Five Thirty Eight
  • The principal in the Las Vegas bid is a former West Pointer, and his company is called Black Knight Sports and Entertainment. Sounds like a great name for a sports team, no? National Post
  • Looking forward to next year, NHL officials should make a concerted effort to call games consistently all season long. TSN
  • Here’s a link to the top 10 NHL forward prospects as viewed by the Red Line Report’s Kyle Woodlief. Scouting Post