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The spotlight is on the scouting staff and their hard work behind the scenes as well as on the hopeful youngsters awaiting the NHL Draft

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Multiple exposure of Colin Miller and Tuukka Rask at Madison Square Garden
Multiple exposure of Colin Miller and Tuukka Rask at Madison Square Garden
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Time to cash in on all of those long road trips. Will the bad road food have been worth it?

  • The Bruins’ scouting team sits on pins and needles as their hard work comes into focus at the upcoming NHL Draft. Boston Herald
  • Potential draftees feel their pain- from NHL Combine to NHL Draft, it must seem like "living in a fish-eye lens, caught in a camera eye." (Video, 4:21) YouTube
  • Part of the team’s hopes for the draft is to learn from previous mistakes and move ahead. Causeway Crowd
  • Still percolating is the Loui Eriksson situation, as his camp awaits a counter-offer from the Bruins. NBC Sports

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Lies, damned lies, and... have a look at this year’s pick of the NHL Draft litter as analyzed using the model created by Michael Schuckers of St. Lawrence University. Bonus: Congrats to former Bruins coach Mike Sullivan on his six-month sprint to the Stanley Cup win. The Boston Globe
  • If you’ve got the itch to officiate, Paul Stewart would like a word with you. Hockeybuzz
  • Kirk Luedeke gathered together Reed Duthie and Dominic Tiano to dish on one of the deepest OHL player pools in recent memory. (Video, 54:52) Scouting Post part one But wait, there’s MORE! (Audio, 1:14:30) Scouting Post part two
  • Find out what professional scouts say is teachable and coachable in a player, and what pieces need to be intrinsic. Red flag: "you can’t fix dumb." The Hockey News
  • Affable, patient Ron MacLean will return to the helm of Hockey Night in Canada- no word yet on what George Stroumboulopoulos will be doing. The Hockey News
  • G’dday, mate! Wayne Gretzky is packing for a tournament Down Under to help make the game of hockey as popular as Vegemite. TSN
  • The investors hoping to replace the Pirates in Portland, ME will simply buy an existing ECHL team and move it, target date will be the 2017-18 season. Portland Press Herald
  • Mike "Doc" Emrick is shifting gears, and will be behind the mic for a Cubs vs. Pirates baseball game on July 8th. The New York Times
  • Is this the end of the road for the Twitter account @NHLTies? Shold Media Group
  • Not major junior, nor college, not at all traditional- for Auston Matthews, the road to the NHL has been completely unprecedented. The Globe And Mail