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NHL Mock Draft 2016: Boston Bruins select Rasmus Asplund with No. 29 pick

The kid from Farjestad BK is very impressive

Rasmus Asplund
Photo: Ola WESTERBERG / photo agency

As previously mentioned, back-to-back picks are “in” this GM era, so here’s the second of our late first round 1-2 package:

With the 29th pick in the SBNation NHL Mock Draft, the Boston Bruins select Rasmus Asplund from Färjestad BK.

Why Rasmus? Well, his name is great, for one. For another, he’s a very promising prospect. Short version:

  • He played all last year in the SHL and did alright for a kid. He’s 5’10” and 176 lbs, and his 4+8=12 over 46 games wasn’t exactly superstar material, but then again he’s only 18. Only three players in his age range had more points. The fact that he actually played 46 games is also great for an 18 year old.
  • He lit up the World Juniors. Team Sweden is usually pretty good, and he was playing as an 18-year-old. His 5 points in 7 games were only good for 6th on that team, but again he’s 18. Good luck outscoring Alex Nylander.

We think this is a good value pick at 29th in the draft. The draft rankings listed on have him going in the mid-20s, so this may even qualify as a steal.

What do you think of how we drafted? Who would you have taken instead?