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Runner Up

But still number one in our hearts

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Tasteful and elegant, of course. (Patrice Bergeron and his wife, Stephanie)
Tasteful and elegant, of course. (Patrice Bergeron and his wife, Stephanie)
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

It was a quiet night for the Bruins at the NHL Awards ceremony.

  • The precioussss... Time to conserve the Bruins’ number one asset, Patrice Bergeron. The Boston Globe
  • Yes, that was Anze Kopitar you saw accepting the Selke Trophy last evening. For Bergeron, this makes five seasons in which he has either won or been the runner up. WEEI
  • Come to think of it, Kopitar played spoiler to both Bergeron and then also to Loui Eriksson, who would have been too polite to mention it. Boston Herald
  • As far as the NHL Draft, it is (almost) all on the table for the Bruins, who will calculate risk/benefit on the fly as the pool of available draftees dwindles and other teams approach with offers. Don Sweeney will be speaking with Eriksson’s camp again. The Boston Globe
  • Don’t kid yourself, Don, the Bruins must to focus on current needs in this weekend’s draft. Providence Journal
  • One other quiet concern is that David Krejci may not be able to return to form after having undergone his second hip procedure (albeit the first one on his left hip.) Boston CBS Local
  • But the NHL Draft differs fundamentally from NBA and NFL ones, though, as the likelihood of landing a game-ready youngster capable of launching forth into NHL game action is not good. Boston Herald
  • Last call! Kirk Luedeke offers his final thoughts for the Bruins and the first round of the NHL Draft before departing for Buffalo. (With audio, 15:13) Scouting Post
  • Just the facts, ma’am- here’s a primer on the NHL Draft from a decidedly Bruins perspective. The Boston Globe
  • Zach Senyshyn has been invited to Canada’s National Men’s Summer Under-18 Team camp. Sault Star
  • With the World Cup of Hockey, this is going to be one looooong hockey season. Are the Bruins merely few key players from winning form, or do they need a full heart transplant? Dorchester Reporter
  • Number four... just not THAT number four. A game-worn Bruins sweater fetched nearly $20K at auction. The Boston Globe

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Gone. Keith Yandle has inked a long-term deal with the Panthers. Miami Herald
  • Nous sommes désolé, Quebec- Las Vegas was the "smart, sexy" expansion selection. USA Today
  • Take an historical look at five proposed expansion cities that ultimately failed to make the cut. The Hockey News
  • You could almost see Gary Bettman and his puppet master, Jeremy Jacobs, wringing their hands in glee as the expansion announcement was made. Bonus: The Bettman’s mystifying assertion that the "coach’s challenge worked exactly as we hoped." Edmonton Journal
  • Have a look at this list of the top 30 trade bait players across the NHL. TSN
  • Youngsters should take advice from previous years’ top prospects in order to make a good impression at the NHL Draft. Like get a good night’s sleep... unless you can’t. Take Marc-Andre Fleury’s sartorial advice with a grain of salt. (With video) Sportsnet
  • Woe, Canada. There is much hand wringing north of the border that there is maybe only one Canadian player likely to be selected as a Top 10 draftee. The Star
  • How did you enjoy last night’s ceremony? Ryan Lambert weighs in on the efforts to make the two hour show watchable. Puck Daddy