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“D” Is For DRAFT

... and also for defenseman

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We miss ya, you big lug! (Milan Lucic)
We miss ya, you big lug! (Milan Lucic)
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Shuffle off to Buffalo, maybe pick up some young talent...

  • In all the NHL Draft excitement, don’t forget that the Bruins STILL need to finalize plans for Loui Eriksson and Torey Krug- remember them? Oh, and Zach Trotman will not be getting a Bruins offer before July 1st. The Boston Globe
  • It looks like the Bruins and Eriksson’s camp are holding one more powwow. Cross your fingers. Hockeybuzz
  • The Bruins’ neither fished nor cut bait this season, a disjointed strategy that still didn’t yield a playoff berth. Will any of them be around to reap the benefits if they strategize for the long haul at this NHL Draft? WEEI
  • D.J. Bean has prioritized which (Boston University, cough, cough) players should be targeted, and if you’ve listened to this week’s Pod Man Rush podcast, his preferences shouldn’t come as any surprise. WEEI
  • Kirk Luedeke has arrived in Buffalo, and pointedly laments that big hearted, big skilled smaller players are still passed over at Draft for more typical hockey bodies with "known flaws." Scouting Post
  • Oh, NOES! Malcolm Subban is "faltering," everyone, and Tuukka Rask was "unimpressive" last season. Statistics are offered here with no mention of Subban’s throat injury on February 7th or his subsequent extended recuperation. Today’s Slap Shot

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • A three hour tour... Top prospects in Buffalo were sent on a soggy, plastic-wrapped voyage on the Maid of the Mist. Bar Down
  • Currently, the market for defensemen is tighter than two coats of paint. Puck Daddy
  • With his mother, father, and stepmother all seriously ill, one player’s success on ice offers a family the chance to celebrate some good news for a change. Player’s Tribune
  • Sons follow fathers into the NHL, and it is more than just genetics. Knowing what it takes and having good role models is key. The Globe And Mail
  • United States Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) is taking Gary Bettman to task for comments "dismissive" of a head trauma/CTE link. As he holds a seat on the Senate committee with jurisdiction over pro sports, his request for clarification carries weight. The Globe And Mail
  • No worries, Milan Lucic, both Edmonton and Vancouver would love to talk to you about a job. Jim Benning and Peter Chiarelli both remember you fondly. Edmonton Journal