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Bruins pick Cameron Clarke 136th overall


The Bruins seem to like defensemen going into the NCAA.

Cameron Clarke is a player who made an interesting choice not three years ago. Starting as a forward, he went to his first major midget tryout as a defenseman, and blew the roof off of the NAHL, ending up a player good enough to be honored as NAHL Defenseman of the year, leading the league in defenseman points with 50 points in 59 games. It was this fantastic season that got him attention from Ferris State, where he will be playing next fall. His defensive game has improved tremendously over the last year and was a major part of the Lone Star Brahmas' power play.

His major areas of improvement are him being slightly underweight for 6'2, and his agility on the ice appears to need a little bit of work, but otherwise his ability to see the play and contributing to the possession game of the team he's playing for tends to be a massive boon. Both of his areas of improvement are things that can easily be worked on now that he's in the NCAA.

He's a project to be sure, but he's in one of the tougher divisions of the NCAA. He will come out just fine if given time.

Here are his stats:

Welcome to Boston, Cameron!