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Bruins pick Oskar Steen 165th overall

A swede project to tap into.

As with most later round picks, this one is more of a project waiting to happen and hopefully blossom. Here's what you need to know.

Oskar Steen has been playing with Farjestad for almost all of his career when he wasn't playing for the swedish national team U20s. Steen's small, but his biggest asset to counteract this is strength, willing to get physical and willing to create space for himself while going to the net. His dogged play has earned him marks from scouts who enjoy that sort of thing, especially coming from a fairly low-contact, high-skill sort of leagues like the SHL/Superelit. He has been noted also for being quite a dangerous player on the penalty kill, as his small size and incredible aggression means players can lose the puck quickly while he's around, leading to fantastic shorthanded opportunities.

Of course, the whole size bias thing is still in effect, so whether or not Steen can continue to overcome this at larger, stronger levels of competition remains to be seen. He is a long term prospect that may best see time in a depth role, if he plays at all. Nonetheless, his upside seems to be quite versatile, so writing him off might be a mistake.

Here are his stats.

Welcome to Boston, Oskar!